Petite & Vivacious

My name is halfacookie and I am taking so many damn steps to make sure you find nothing on my pageSigned, Slej Hammer √

Some        Fair Real Estate Factt (F.R.E.F)        you would own a car if you hadn't went to the build-a-bear that one time

Girl who loves to click

         There are some people who kill to play a round of Ball and Toss

You can just go around and throw cigarettes at people's head and see who is the best,I heard about it


"Shopping at stores" would be a great past time

The dume slam music playing of the background:

Mario Has    A Yellow Hat

(Close the door to save progress)

I shook so much like a wet dog at a building with a tiled floor

So I really don't think you are supposed to hit the snare that many times

My workplace is so 'slippery' and 'undulating'
I knew about it for so long and told not a soul

[starting to bounce]

Really? I thought it worked so good that way

Do Not eat Babies